Jordan Savage

Preschool Mentor Teacher & Admin Support

Jordan’s work centers around his belief that young children and adults are really quite similar to each other. They both get swept away by the magic of learning. . . they enjoy many complex relationships. . . they sometimes fall short in making the best choices. . . they have unanswerable questions.
They are more alike than different.

Jordan grew up here and received all of his own education in Durham, including his work at Durham Technical Community College in Early Childhood Education. He began working full-time in the classroom with preschoolers in 2012 and was among the founding team to launch Wildflower Cottage. Jordan enjoys being a part of this diverse community with so many perspective and interests.

Jordan finds Wildflower Cottage to be a place of boundless freedom where he can experience life alongside children, rather than controlling outcomes. He finds this position to be both rewarding and humbling because of this opportunity to play a small part in each child’s life story.

“How sad it is that we give up on people
who are just like us…”
—“Mr.” Fred Rogers


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