Intergenerational Experiences

“That each generation could stand on the shoulders of the last and
feel twice as tall is a poetic hope for all our families."
—Fred Rogers

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Wildflower Cottage for Children is planning to incorporate intergenerational experiences with senior adult volunteers in the community. We will be coordinating times for these special volunteers to read, garden, picnic, woodwork, bake, play instruments, participate in music classes and puppet shows, etc.  We are excited about the possibilities!

Benefits of Intergenerational Programs for Young Children:

  • Life-changing friendships with those who have lived rich lives—a source of joy!
  • Being part of an extended family (when biological families are often far away)
  • Insight into our history and traditions
  • Compassion for those with varying limitations or disabilities (and ways that neighbors care for each other)
  • Commitment, appreciation, and respect for those different from themselves.
  • Higher personal/social development scores (by 11 months) than preschool children enrolled in traditional programs
  • Improved academic performance when entering school, including higher reading scores
  • Fewer behavioral problems than peers in traditional programs

Benefits of Intergenerational Programs for Older Adults:

  • Life-changing friendships with those who are just beginning to unwrap life’s potential—a source of joy!
  • Acting as mentors and role models, sharing unique skills and talents, passing on wisdom to the youngest generationOverall
  • wellness. Physical activity yields opportunities to play and laugh, to burn 20% more calories, to sustain fewer falls, and to reduce reliance upon canes
  • Increased learning stimulation; better performance on memory tests; increased level of constructive engagement
  • Increased stability due to emotional support network. Reports of feeling renewed sense of self-worth, happier, younger and needed
  • Creative outlet for hobbies/activities, pet care, and planting with children

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